Meets Pylon(2015-2020)

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Meets Pylonは、偶然道端でMeetsした(出会った)Pylon(カラーコーン)を撮影/収集する美術家今尾拓真のライフワークである。
Meets Pylon(2015-2020)は2011-2015年で収集されたパイロン写真およそ1000枚から、耀きし99枚がカード的写真集にされたアイテム。


Meets Pylon is IMAO Takuma's life work to photograph/collect pylons he met on the roadside by chance.
IMAO Takuma is artist who shows exhibitions and live performances that extend his own body into the environments formed by groups and cities.

Meets Pylon (2015-2020) is a card-like photo collection of 99 of the most brilliant pylons from about 1000 pylon photos collected from 2011 to 2015.
The back side of the card is a scanned image of the grease and scratches left on the screen of the "iPhone 7+" where the photo was taken, resembling a card from the popular Japanese card game Yu-Gi-Oh!

You can play with it in any way you like!

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¥4,400 税込